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Romulus and Remus
Updated: 9/8/2020
Romulus and Remus
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  • Amales sent Silvia to the temple of Mars. Later she and Mars had twins Romulus and Remus. When they were born rumors were spread and came to Amales. He order some people to kidnapped the twins and drowned them in the Tiber river and they did, what they didnt expected is that , the twins werent dead they were alive flooting in the Tibers river alone.
  • After a while they woke up and started crying. A wolf that pass around them saw them and took Romulus and Remus to her cave. The wolf raised them like her kids. After years they grown up and wanted to explore. One day a shepheard named Faustus saw them and follow them to the wolfes cave, that night he took them to his house and took care of them for a while.
  • As they grown up Romulus and Remus started to help Faustus with his sheeps, and return he livestock that were stolen from families. Over the years stories of the twin were made, one day their grandfather who went living far away got the stories and told his guards to find them and bring them with him. When they got there His grandfather told them That Amales had the throne which belong to Romulus and Remus and that their mother was in the temple of Mars. When they were told this Romulus and Remus started to make a plan.
  • His plan was to recruit soldiers so his army would attack Amales and his forces while they slept would finally rescue his mother. His plan worked and his mother returned to the castle and regained her throne. To celebrate their victory, they build a great city on the banks of the Tiber River. Romulus designed the houses and streets and Remus the temples and baths. Over time the city began to form, but what would it be called?
  • Romulus wanted the city to be called Rome and Remus Ram. Because of this, Romulus and Remus started to fight. The fight ended when Remus lay dead in the floor, so Rome was given its name. In time Romulus was the king for Rome and ruled wisely over many years.
  • When Romulus died he was taken to were the god dwelled and became a noble god of war.
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