Anne Frank A Diary Of A Young Girl
Updated: 10/31/2020
Anne Frank A Diary Of A Young Girl

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  • Margot Frank
  • Mr. Kleiman
  • Anne! Don't open the door, it might be the SS!
  • But it could be Helmuth knocking. He was going to come around this time!
  • Anne Frank
  • Dear Kitty, we have just recently moved to what we now call the Annex. And since Margot got a call-up we decided then to go into hiding. We have gotten ration books from the black market also by Mr. Kleinman who is such a nice man. We are very lucky to have a man who would risk his job. Your Anne.
  • dear, Kitty we have just recently moved to what we now call the annex.
  • The following week
  • Hello, everyone, we have decided that we would come one day earlier because they were announcing call-ups through the thirteenth through the sixteenth, and so we got scared.
  • Mr. Goldschmidt told us all about how you had left a note about your cat, and when we were searching through your house incase if any other people were to search your place. I then saw the note on Mrs. Frank's notepad and it had an address, Maastricht.
  • Edith Frank
  • Otto Frank
  • Whew, I was very scared that I had almost fainted!
  • What happened?! And what was that pounding on our door?!
  • When the carpenter had left I went to get Bep but we couldn't open the bookcase because the hook got stuck to the clasp.
  • Your escape didn't work? And what about the officer? And weren't you supposed to be in Belgium?
  • Mr. Dussel
  • Soon then they invited Mr. Dussel the dentist to come and hide with them.
  • We spread the rumor about the officer, and the car.
  • Yes. We did this so then we could throw the Germans or anyone else looking for us off track.
  • Hello Anne.
  • I should really treasure this moment because we have been running out of good food lately.
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