Keon Mogensen- Romeo and Juliet Act 5
Updated: 5/30/2020
Keon Mogensen- Romeo and Juliet Act 5
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  • Act 5 Scene 1
  • Do you have news from Verona!—What is it, Balthasar? Do you bring me a letter from the friar? How is my wife?
  • Act 5 Scene 1 Part 2
  • Come here, man. I see that you are poor. Here are forty ducats. Let me have a shot of poison.
  • You’re this poor and wretched and still afraid to die? Your cheeks are thin because of hunger. I can see in your eyes that you’re starving. Anyone can see that you’re a beggar.
  • I have lethal poisons like that. But it’s against the law to sell them in Mantua, and the penalty is death.
  • Act 5 Scene 2
  • I couldn’t send it. Here it is. I couldn’t get a messenger to bring it to you either because they were scared of spreading the infection.
  • They quarantined the house, sealed up the doors, and refused to let us out. I couldn’t go to Mantua because I was stuck there.
  • Then who took my letter to Romeo?
  • Balthasar tells Romeo of Juliet's "death" without knowing of the plot.
  • Act 5 Scene 2 Part 2
  • Unhappy fortune! By my brotherhood, the letter was not just a nice greeting. It was full of very important information. It’s very dangerous that it hasn’t been sent. Friar John, go and get me an iron crowbar.
  • Her body sleeps in the Capulet tomb, and her immortal soul lives with the angels in heaven. I saw her buried in her family’s tomb.
  • Romeo convinces an apothecary to let him buy a poison so he can kill himself.
  • Act 5 Scene 3
  • Romeo! Oh, he’s pale! Who else? What, Paris too? And he’s covered in blood? Ah, when did these horrible things happen? The lady’s moving.
  • Oh friendly friar! Where is my husband? I remember very well where I should be, and here I am. Where is my Romeo?
  • Go, get out of here. I’m not going anywhere.
  • Friar John tells Friar Lawrence that he couldn't deliver the message to Romeo.
  • Act 5 Scene 3 Part 2
  • Friar Lawrence plans to go and release Juliet himself after he learns that Friar John couldn't inform Romeo of the plan.
  • Now I must go to the tomb alone. Within three hours Juliet will wake up. She’ll be very angry with me that Romeo doesn’t know what happened.
  • Brother, I’ll go and bring it to you.
  • Juliet wakes up to find Friar Lawrence, Romeo, and Paris only Friar Lawrence was alive. She then decides to take her own life before the city watch comes.
  • Your husband lies dead there, and Paris too. Come, I’ll place you among the sisterhood of holy nuns. Don’t wait to ask questions. The watch is coming. Come, let’s go,
  • What’s this here? It’s a cup, closed in my true love’s hand? Poison, I see, has been the cause of his death. How rude! He drank it all, and didn’t leave any to help me afterward. I will kiss your lips.
  • I am under the most suspicion, because I was here at the time of this awful murder. And here I stand, you can question me and punish me.
  • The watchmen arrest Friar Lawrence and Balthasar, then the Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague arrive and Friar Lawrence tells them the whole story and the two families decide to make peace by making a golden statue of Romeo and Juliet.
  • We want to know how it started and what really happened. And then I’ll be the leader of pain, and maybe I’ll lead you as far as death.
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