Unknown Story
Updated: 5/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Miguel meets Rondell and Mong at a group home. Miguel hated Mong for spitting in his face, they even avoid each other when they had chores to do. Mong would go to Miguels room and just stand there looking at Miguel sleeping. The three boys did not know each other that well, they were basically strangers who eventually became best friends.
  • Miguel reads books while he is in the group home. Miguel avoids being in drama so he reads books, so he can get smart like he says in the book. Miguel talks about how the book he was reading "the colour purple" was interesting to him, one of his favorite books because the girl writes to god.
  • The night they were escaping the group home, Miguel went to the office to get the petty cash before they left. After Miguel went outside to meet Mong and Rondell the lights turn on and dogs start barking. Miguel, Mong, and Rondell wear their hoodies and they started sprinting as fast as they could so the guards wouldn't catch them. When they were running none stoppable they stopped were nobody will see them and they waited for Mongs cousin to pick them up, and they waited for hours till she came and she never came till the next day.