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Story Board Anthem
Updated: 2/19/2019
Story Board Anthem
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  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • We Equality 7-2521 stand under the city writing, thinking for us, thinking alone. We know it is wrong we have been told by the council that "It is a sin to think words no other think and to put them down upon a paper" (Rand, 17).
  • Chapter 2
  • We now begin a day that will change our life forever, the council chooses a job for us. I have been chosen to be a street sweeper, I think they chose this job because we are different from the rest the council had pointed towards us and said "Street Sweeper" (Rand, 26).
  • Chapter 3
  • Liberty 3-5000, whom we call the Golden One, as we watch them work they are so beautiful. We watched her work and we thought " was golden as the sun ;their hair flew in the wind, shining and wild..." (Rand, 39).
  • Chapter 4
  • We now stand close to the Golden one, we can not believe our eyes, the most beautiful person we have ever seen. We see her and she sees us "... Golden One saw us, and they did not move, kneeling there" (Rand, 42). My life has felt so incomplete without them, we now converse.
  • Through tests we have found a new source of energy, that could be possibly used to better the entire world. The scholars are the smartest people yet i have invented something amazing. The council says "No single one can posses greater wisdom than the many scholars." (Rand, 54).
  • Today we finally have a full conversation, We are so happy to speak and feel free from my chained life as just a member of a community. When I first saw her today I knew we knew what they were thinking, ".. as if they would obey any word we might speak" (Rand, 55).
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