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Updated: 3/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • About the leaders The leader who lead the Zhou Dynasty was Zhou Wen Wang he was the longest dynasty ruler
  • Zhoudynasty
  • Under the Zhou dynasty, China developed political and cultural characteristics that shaped the Chinese way the philosophies that guided the was all of them
  • how it affected the people
  • 1. included iron working and large-scale irrigation projects2.building of roads3. and canals helped to increase trade and encouraged the growth of towns.
  • important aspects
  • About the leadersThe leader of the Qin dynasty was King Zhao Zheng. The Qin dynasty was short
  • Qin Dynasty
  • imposed a strict system of laws on the country.
  • how it affected them
  • important aspects
  • 1. had a huge impact on the formation of china2.in fact Qin was used to create the name China. 3.Qin also solidified its power slowly conquering neighboring states.