Unknown Story
Updated: 11/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • There has to be a way I can gain power... Hmm, I think I know how! I will overthrow my government. Lets do it together!
  • Yes! Lets get rid of Deidra! ASAP
  • Jungle
  • Luxuries
  • Luxuries
  • I want to buy this. Give me the money from the taxes paid from the people. Now!
  • Yes, Deidra!
  • I am going to plan an attack on the capital of the jungle. Wouldn't that start a revolution? I dont care! I need to be ruler.
  • I did it! I am now ruler of the jungle. I am going to change the government. Lets see... A capitalist system should work.
  • So far I have abolished legal discrimination, brought electricity to the jungle, provided for full employment and advanced the causes of education and health care, in part by building new schools and medical facilities!
  • The jungle has never been better! Timmy has never helped us so much! He even helped us financially
  • Timmy has supplied the military as well! Such a good idea to change the government!