The Count of Monte cristo

Updated: 10/13/2021
The Count of Monte cristo

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  • Chapter 1: The two worlds
  • I have stolen a sack of very expensive apples.
  • "I swear by God and my salvation".(Why am I liying?)
  • I don't believe you, but if that's true say:"I swear by God and my salvation".
  • Chapter 2: Cain
  • For me the story was based on the stigma that the strong killed the weak.
  • Today we talked about Cain and Abel in class, but what do you think about that?
  • Chapter 3: The Evil Thief
  • The professor spoke of Golgotha, but I am intrigued by your opinion Demian.
  • Sinclair the story has a false flavor, I mean the thieves.
  • Emil Sinclair, whose child lived in a world full of tranquility and family gave him everything he needed, so he would not have to make any effort to get what he wanted on his own merits. But there comes a crucial moment, where Emil finds himself between the two worlds. Of light and darkness. The bright side was the comfort of his mother but the dark side was the lie and the naming of God in vain.
  • Chapter 4: Beatrice
  • She is beautiful, I have been watching her for a while and I have yet to ask her name, I hesitate to do so so I will call her Beatrice.
  • It sees the appearance of the mature and intelligent character: Max Demian. Who begins to study in the same school institute as Emil. This new boy will give him to understand that there is a good and an evil, he will give him his own opinions about it and Sinclair will be overwhelmed with so much new information that he did not know existed. Likewise, Max becomes a great friend and guide. He will support Emil.
  • Chapter 5: The Bird Breaks the Shell
  • The bird breaks the shell, the shell is the world, the bird flies to God, the God is called Abraxas.
  • Demian appears in this chapter narrating a story inspired by the bible, but he tells it according to his own words and knowledge. He speaks of a good thief and a bad thief. In telling it to Emil Sinclair, he adds his own opinion, where he believes that the thief characterized as bad is the one with the greater sign of strength.
  • Chapter 6: Jacob's Struggle
  • This is one of the points of the errors of our religion.
  • I know you regret it, but suicide was not the path you are talking about.
  • A drastic change takes place for Emil Sinclair. His parents take him to study at a boarding school, in order to increase his grades. However, the result was different. In that, he meets a beautiful woman named Beatrice, who brings out in Emil pure feelings of love.
  • The bird will be known as a new God "Abraxas" that contains within it good and evil. On leaving he gets in the church the character of Pistorius. He told him everything related to what he had just heard in class and how this new character has ventured into related topics. The two talked extensively about the subject.
  • I am a student at the institute, do you know who Abraxas is?
  • In this chapter that a boy named Krauner, Emil Sinclair's friend, appears. This young man contacted him to declare that he wanted to follow the paths of the good path, the right path. But Emil did not want to get involved in that subject. But at the end of a while, they met and without any planning.
  • I will not leave you until you give me your blessing, repentance is true.