comic strip assestment

Updated: 12/16/2020
comic strip assestment

Storyboard Text

  • Ok great, i'll text you my address
  • this could be a great opportunity for me to meet new people
  • you should go to tylers party tonight
  • umm... yea why not.
  • wow it's getting dark already
  • as the sky become darker...
  • omg..theres drugs all over the floor and so many people drinking.
  • umm.. no i don't drink,thanks though
  • hey sam you made it, wanna do some shots or smokea blunt
  • oh hey sam, you want a drink?or take some of tylers moms perscribed meds?
  • aww, why so soon, the party just started?
  • ahh gotcha, goodnight
  • uhh.. i have a huge test tomarow and i have to study..
  • you too!
  • no thankyou, im actually heading home now.
  • bee whoop bee whoop
  • omg that cop is heading to the party... i might just be over reacting..i hope
  • OMG!! NO WAY. all those kids at the party are now at the jail and are being suspended from school
  • luckly I left when i did, im so glad that i did leave or else my parents would kill me and i could losemy scolarship
  • wow, it's really late, I should get to bed.
  • the end