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Updated: 9/27/2021
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  • Jamaica Gallahue was like any other teenage girl, letting love overpower reality. After the emotional yet unexplained and sudden death of her boyfriend, she was left unable to move. Depression took over Jam and no one knew what to do with the broken girl.
  • Jam's family knew it was time to send her to The Wooden Barn, a boarding school for the "emotionally fragile, highly intelligent" teens. After a year of countless panic attacks, restless nights, and the feeling of incompletion without Reeve, her parents thought it was best to rediscover herself. However, this meant being away from her parents and brother, as well as, staying in Vermont while her family was back at Crampton, New Jersey.
  • Finally, Jam meets her roommate, DJ, who has been staying at The Wooden Barn for two years, working with therapists to treat her restrictive/binge eating disorder. After talking to each other for a while, DJ asks Jamaica to see her "skedge." Disappointed, DJ sees that Jam has been enrolled in a class she's dreamt of being in, Special Topics.
  • Noticing DJ's jealous expression , Jamaica questions as to why this English class is such a huge deal. According to DJ, Mrs. Quenell, the teacher, only teaches the class when she feels she has the correct mix of kids, the most unique.
  • Besides Jam, 4 other kids have been chosen by Mrs.Quenell to be apart of "the smallest most elite class in the entire school." Amongst the class is Sierra a stunning African American ballet dancer, Marc a serious obedient student, a red-headed wealthy girl named Casey, and a quiet blonde farm boy, Griffin. On the first day, Mrs.Quenell explains that they will be studying pieces from one writer, Sylvia Plath, and writing in their personal red leather journals twice a week.
  • Jam saw no point in writing in the journal, mainly because the topic of all her entries would always Reeve. However, she began to write her first sentence about her boyfriend, and as she continued she found herself in a strange setting, almost like a different dimension. Jam has transported to a world where Reeve still exists. After being in his arms for a while and catching up, Jam noticed she was now back at the dorm where she realized she has already written 5 full pages.