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Updated: 10/3/2020
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  • we will develop a writing system
  • and then a constitution
  • each man to his own plot!
  • US government
  • land for everybody! land for all without discrimination.
  • native americans needed to assimilate and adopt european ways. they made a writing system ,with the effect of making them able to write their rules with a constitution -assimilation
  • this coal is going all the way to the west!
  • the gov. wanted native americans to own land and become farmers so that they could blend into american society. they could have their own land but they had to make use of it.- dawes act
  • this is unbelievable. couldn't picture it any more amazing. thank you so much chief!
  • thank you for the opportunity for this and my tribe. we are thankful for your support
  • with the homestead act, citizens were given up to 160 acres to live on if they improved it and payed registration fees.
  • we love the west!!
  • the cause of the transcontinental railroad was to connect the entire continent east to west, the effect was the industrial help it gave.
  • the native americans were skilled in growing crops and blessed the americans with healthy, fresh nutrients.
  • the west has good soil, lots of land, and opportunity!
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