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The Great Depression
Updated: 3/28/2019
The Great Depression
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  • How the Great Depression Began
  • Bank
  • Closed
  • How the Great Depression Began
  • How People were Discriminated against
  • You're fired
  • Can't we talk it out
  • Due to the Stock Market Crash, banks and other businesses that had invested money in stocks lost all of their money. These businesses had to be closed down, and many were sold for a fraction of their true value. The Great Depression affected everyone, even the rich.
  • How People were Discriminated Against
  • The government was also blamed for the start of the Great Depression. Many people blamed the government for not helping the unemployed and hungry. This resulted in people who had no homes to build "houses" in neighborhoods called Hoovervilles, which was named after the president as people blamed the government.
  • How People were Impacted
  • During this time, millions of people lost their jobs, 25% of men were unemployed. Workers who were the minority were asked to leave their jobs so white men could work instead of them. Women and colored workers were the minority at this time and were the subject of backlash.
  • How People were Impacted
  • Due to the Great Migration, the African American population grew. Discrimination of this group of ethnic people was not uncommon, and although they were now paid the same as whites, they were not treated equally. The rise of influence of the Ku Klux Klan only made the discrimination worse as many people joined in to commit racist acts against them.
  • Get out of here!
  • The Great Depression caused the whole economy to be in shambles. People had to sell their businesses, homes, land, farms, and other properties for a fraction of their true value to get some money to survive. This impacted people as the sellers were scrambling for money, but their hardship was the buyer's opportunity as they could buy a property for a very low price.
  • Black Tuesday caused several people to lose their jobs. Without a steady income, people were not able to pay for housing and soon became homeless. These people would go to live in Hoovervilles, shanty towns where they would build their own "houses" out of whatever materials they could scavenge.
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