storyboard-because I could not stop for death.
Updated: 11/26/2020
storyboard-because I could not stop for death.

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  • As the woman sat in her tippet in the desolate area, she saw a ghastly looking object approaching her. She was disoriented and afraid of how she had gotten to where she was. She could not process anything, As the object appeared closer to her, she was able to identify that it was a carriage. This carriage had no color and moved very slowly, which was strange, She had never seen anything like it,
  • Once the carriage reached her, she noticed a date as well as an arm. One of the dates seemed familiar. As she looked closer she realized it was her birth date. The arm was reaching towards her, asking her to get in. With no hesitation, she decided to walk towards the carriage. She had the urge. Once she sat, the man in front of her stood silent, and stared out the window, so she did the same.
  • 1/10/56-3/13/08
  • come.
  • The first place they had arrived at was a playground with children playing. She did not know why the man with the carriage had brought her there. They stayed for a while continuing to watch the children play. Silence filled the carriage. Then they started to move again. slowly.
  • As the carriage continued to stroll, they had passed the setting sun. The woman was no longer disoriented or afraid, rather at ease. She had closed her eyes and let the silence continue to fill the carriage.
  • Once the woman opened her eyes, she had come to find herself staring at a house. The roof of this house was "scarcely visible" and the ground appeared to be "swelling." The cornice was in the ground. This house was familiar but she could not seem to remember. After staying there for a while observing the house, they proceeded to their next destination.
  • After visiting all of the places they had visited, the woman started thinking and understood why the house as well as all of the other places had felt familiar. She came to the realization that the carriage had took her through the stages of her life. The carriage also had her birth date on it, which was another reason she was able to piece together everything. She could not remember anything else besides the memories that helped her remember. As the carriage continued to move slowly, she felt more and more at piece.
  • eternity
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