The Ghost of the Lagoon

Updated: 3/19/2021
The Ghost of the Lagoon

Storyboard Text

  • In Bora Bora Island, Mako's dad dies along with 2 other fisherman due to a shark, named Tupa, killing them all.Tupa thinks the island is his, Causing everyone to give him food so he spares the tribes. The prize for killing Tupa is 3 acres of land and a sailing boat.
  • To avenge his father's death, Mako is Determined to kill Tupa
  • So Mako and his dog, Afa, goes to a forest to get bananas for his tribe at the day time, as for the matter fact Tupa only comes out at night.
  • When Mako is almost home, Tupa appears and fights Mako, even though Mako is a little kid.
  • Mako gets courage to attack Tupa in the eye 3 times. But on because his only companion's life was at risk. After killing him, Mako drags his body to shore to show proof that he killed Tupa.
  • After Tupa's death, Mako's tribe celebrates and award him and his family 3 acres of land & a boat, Not only thanks to his dog, but to his father as well.