the fairies
Updated: 11/23/2020
the fairies

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time there was a widow with two daughters, the widow loved her elder daughter because she was just like her,they were both disagreeable, and she hated her younger daugther because she was like her father, kind and beautiful
  • go fetch some water!
  • One day when the younger daughter was fetching water a poor woman came up to her and asked if she could have a drink, the young girl agreed rigth away and gave the woman water to drink, the woman was indeed a fairy and for her kindess she gifted the young girl with flowers and precious stones as she speaks 
  • at every word you speak,from your mouth a flower will comoe, or else a precious stone
  • when the young girl came back to her house and told her mother exactly what had happened , the mother thinking that her elder child will have the same gift, send the elder sister to go to the spring and gave the poor woman water to drink
  • I beg you pardon, mother, for having taken so long
  • the elder sister went to the spring, but grumbling all the time. As soon as she arrived to she saw the most finnest lady, the lady came up and asked for a drink, but she refuse rudely. The lady was indeed the fairy and for her ruddness she gifted her with toads and vipers as she speaks
  • at every word you said, a toad or a viper will come out of your mouth
  • the mother saw what had happened to her beloved daugther and blame her younguest for it, so she kicked her out of the house, the time passed and the elder sister made herself so hateful that her own mother chased her out of the house
  • well mother?
  • the younger sister, who had married the king's son, found out that her sister was living on the streets and that no one loved her anymore, she felt sorry for her so she brings her to the palace and gave her a place to stay and work, the elder sister was relieved and touched for her sister kindness and she never said a mean word to anybody else
  • please, forgive me!