Updated: 6/27/2020

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  • Cinderella lived with her mean stepsisters and rude stepmother. Cinderella was very beautiful and kind, but the stepsisters thought she would look uglier if they forced her to wear ugly clothes.
  • One day, Cinderella's stepfamily got an invitation to the prince's ball. They told Cinderella she was too ugly to go, and they made her help them get ready. Then they left her behind.
  • Cinderalla ran to her room and started to cry. But then...POOF! Her fairy godmother appeared.
  • Don't cry dear. I am going to get you to that ball. I am your fairy godmother!
  • Cinderella's fairy godmother made her a beautiful dress and carriage and took Cinderella to the ball. but she warned Cinderellathat if she did not come back at 12 at night she would turn dark to her original form Cinderella and the prince Danced All Night
  • But soon, Cinderella forgot the fairy godmother's warning. At exactly 12:00 the clock rang and then Cinderella remembered. "Oh no I've got to get home!" She rushed out of the ballroom just leaving a dainty glass slipper behind. The prince rushed after her, but by then she was gone. He picked up the glass slipper and then he announced, "whoever the shoe fits, I will marry!" The next day The Prince and his guards went from house to house letting every Maiden try on the shoe. but it did not fit any of them. Finally he got the Cinderella's house. It did not fit her stepsisters, but finally the prince fit the shoe on Cinderella's foot, the shoe fit perfectly.
  • Cinderella and the prince got married and livedhappily ever after. (The stepsisters were made to scub the palace toilets.)