Part 1
Updated: 1/17/2020
Part 1
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  • I want the truth!
  • I finally know the truth!
  • I have so much to look forward too!
  • The wall symbolizes the problems that Grey will have to overcome in his life. The wall shows that the grass is always greener on the other side. When Grey doesn't get heisted, he begins to question the reality of claysoot and what secrets the leaders are hiding. Grey becomes obsessed with wanting answers and eventually he thinks of climbing the wall to see what is really beyond claysoot. Once Grey scales the wall, he finds out what is really in store for him and Emma in the future."But thats just it Emma. When you climb the wall something kills you, so there must be more on the other side. There has to be more than just claysoot." (Bowman 76)
  • I think that Am-East symbolizes the truth for Grey. After Grey makes it over the wall and is saved by marko and his crew, he meets the leader of am-east, Frank. Frank tells Grey the "truth", but really it is just a bunch of made up lies to cover up what is really happening. Grey finally knows what he has been chasing the whole time, the reason he jumped over the wall, and the reason he left his life back in claysoot. Grey thinks that everything from now on will be great, little does he know that Frank was lying the whole time. "You are important Grey, to unraveling this mystery. I can feel it." (Bowman 124)
  • I think that Mt. Marty represents Grey's future. When Grey finally finds Mt. Marty, he has all of his answers. Grey also meets his dad which is a big moment for Grey. Grey's dad helps Grey understand more of whats happening in the war and also helps Grey feel more comfortable in the new world that he is in. Grey's dad also tells Grey about his relation ship with his mom. All of this new information is a lot to take in for Grey, but he is relieved that he finally knows the truth, and that he can finally move on and start his new life out side of claysoot. "Eventually, the place lives up to its name"(Bowman 210)
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