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The Lady or the Tiger
Updated: 9/8/2020
The Lady or the Tiger
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • There once was a barbaric king he didn't really care about many people, if there was ever such thing as a crime that the king cared about you would have to choose between two doors. One door was death and one was forced love. This was the kings semi- barbaric way of justice that many people didn't agree with.
  • Falling Action
  • The semi barbaric king had a daughter who was perfect in his eyes, she fell head over heals with a young man of lowness and finest of blood. She was very satisfied with her lover, but her father was not. One day her father discovered the relationships existence. Then the love of her life was locked in prison.
  • Resolution
  • This time was going to be an interesting one, in prison you have to go into a room with the most savage and relentless tiger and get eaten alive. Or you have to have a forced marriage and you have to try and fall in love with a random person. This is held in a circus, It's all on the door you pick, two doors right be side each other and the barbaric king made his daughter pick the door for the love of her life.
  • The princess had to make a tough decision, the princess didn't know what door the tiger or the lady was in so that made a even harder decision. Although many people think she did know... Everyone was waiting around patiently, while she locked eyes with her lover they both gave each other a look like they knew what was going to happen she was still thinking and waiting. What we do know is she hated the lady with a passion everything about her she didn't like so what would she do?
  • In the end of the story they never told us what the princess picked, so till this day this story is still unsolved. Many people have different reasons on who she picked I personally think she picked the lady because she could steal her husband, kill the lady or just run away with her lover. Till this day we may never know what happened with the barbaric king, his daughter and the love of her life.
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