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Updated: 1/30/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Homo Habilis, also known as the "Man of skill. The first known humans, used stone tools to crack meat and bones. They had opposable thumbs and were hunters and gatherers.
  • Homo Erectus, the "Upright Man". More intelligent and adaptable then the Habilis. Developed technology, gradually became skillful hunters and invented more sophisticated tools. First to use fire, migrate, and maybe a spoken language.
  • The Neolithic time period. It happened from 8000 b.c to 3000 b.c. During this time period Homo Sapiens polished tools, grew crops, and raised animals.
  • Farming drastically changed the way of life. Reasons it started were because of longer warm periods and more fertile land. Farming made it possible to get rid of the nomad way of life.
  • Domestication of animals was a large accomplishment during the Neolithic time period. Humans were able to understand the animals way of life and bring them into their enclosures. They had a constant food source and
  • Civilizations began to grow after the discovery of domestication and farming. People were able to stay at one spot because they had a constant food source. More civilizations were specializing in certain traits, they had more time to focus on other things not just survival.
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