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neolithic age project.
Updated: 11/13/2019
neolithic age project.
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  • Traveling is harsh, because we have to adapt to the environment and we have to find the way to get pass mountains, canyons, and other places.
  • We travel near water and settled near water, because we need water to drink and grow crops
  • We learned to grown and harvest crops for food.
  • So later on, humans that came after us will know how to grow crops, instead of traveling from place to place.
  • We learned to raise animals for food and for other basic needs.
  • Since we learned how to raise animals for our basic needs, humans that came after us will have meat to eat and won't have to travel a lot to find meat.
  • We lived in houses made from stone bricks and mud to hold them together.
  • this is how the first houses were made, but later on humans would build them with bricks, steel, metal, and cement to hold it together instead of mud, so it is more sturdy.
  • We trade so we can get materials that we can't get from our area.
  • We traveled a very long way to trade with each other.
  • Our small communities helped humans develop more and bigger communities in the future
  • We started to great small communities
  • Living in a community is good because we have protection, but there are also bad things, like polotion.
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