Babysitting a Ghost
Updated: 12/7/2020
Babysitting a Ghost

Storyboard Text

  • Arriving At The Mansion.
  • OMG Lets go in!
  • Parents Driving Away.
  • Have Fun Girls, Ring Us if Anything Happens
  • Maisie Coming Down.
  • I'm coming.
  • Three girls are going to Babysit, its there first time. They're are quite nervous and slowly approach the house.
  • Meeting Maisie.
  • H-Hi, wait OMG you are my age!
  • After talking to the parents, they leave so they aren't late to there dinner. The girls go inside and call for Maisie to come out so they can all meet.
  • Maisie Being Reckless and Breaking The Window.
  • The girls call for Maisie to come downstairs so they can all meet. Maisie is a little nervous and takes her time coming downstairs.
  • Looking For Cheese.
  • Maisie comes downstairs, a little uneasy.The girls are shocked when Maisie floats down the stairs.
  • Maisie and Winnie are mucking around up stairs and Maisie is becoming reckless, using her powers she throws a hammer through the window.Downstairs Holly and Neive jump as the window breaks. Then they call Maisie's parents.
  • i can move this hammer with my mind!
  • The Parents say that cheese calms Maisie down, they had left cheese on the table but when they went into the Kitchen and looked at the table, there was no cheese. Then they went all around the house to find the cheese.
  • Okay we need this cheese, they said it would be on the table.
  • Yeah, well they didn't specify what table did they? We have many.