Phieas Gage

Updated: 9/7/2021
Phieas Gage

Storyboard Text

  • His Accedent
  • What he look liked after the tamping iron shot up through his head
  • What the docter did after the accedent
  • Phineas was a foreman.His co worker were about to fight and he told them to stop and while he was doing that he tamped spaks onto the gun powder that filled up a hole and a boom hapned and a tamping iron shot up his head.his co workers rushed him to the docter on a carriage.
  • The doctor was shocked that he did not die because he should of. He stuck his hand through his head and felt his other hand in he mouth it went stright through.
  • They brought in another doctor and he made a full recovery! He was changed a little bit and he made it 11 more years.Then he died because of it .