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Mr. Utterson's Inquiry - Roy Thompson
Updated: 3/26/2020
Mr. Utterson's Inquiry - Roy Thompson
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  • I don't understand how you expect me to help you...I just cannot bring myself to become more involved than I already am, I just can't.
  • I believe it's time to find the source of this mysterious elixir...I cannot let the creator go unpunished.
  • I thank you kindly Poole. I shall make sure to send the routine letter to inquire about the state of matters here.
  • Yes Mr. Utterson, sir. I shall keep look after the estate and my fellow servants until your expected return.
  • After learning of Dr. Jekyll's dabble in the supernatural, as well as his true connection to Mr. Hyde, Mr. Utterson remains confused, conflicted and unsatisfied. He tries to get some of Dr. Jekyll's old colleagues to help him out, but most were too afraid of the consequences.
  • I'll heed your words. Well, until our scheduled meet up, I shall head inside.
  • Remember my word of warning, sir: and be careful. I'll come back around an hour from midnight.
  • Mr. Utterson resolves to head out of London, in order to understand how Dr. Jekyll came to find out about the person-altering concoction.
  • As the new inheritor of Dr. Jekyll's estate, Mr. Utterson informs the butler, who is serving as the landlord for the time being, about where he'll be headed and how long he will be gone.
  • The mystery continues...
  • After months of searching blindly for leads, a old contact of his informs him about a rather sketchy building in the outskirts of London. He requests a audience with the gentleman who owns the property, stating that Dr. Jekyll recommended him.
  • The man's name is Dr. Edward, and he explained himself to be the man behind Dr. Jekyll's former research. He also enlightened Mr. Utterson on much of the practice of supernatural medicine. However, he also revealed that much of Dr. Jekyll's research and development on ulterior personalities was completely unknown to many in his field...After Mr. Utterson allowed the man to read Dr. Jekyll's final letter, and producing no results for it, he left to look for answers.
  • Mr. Utterson's journey abruptly ended due to an urgent letter from Mr. Enfield requesting his return. He was never able to again pick up the case after the emergency was cleared...
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