Stop Cyberbullying
Updated: 2/3/2020
Stop Cyberbullying
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Storyboard Description

This comic strip has been created to show the negative attitude of random strangers that join yours or a friend's group, randomly commenting rudely on what other people are about to do or that have done already. Discord is a social media app, available on phones and computers, that lets you and your friends communicate and send pictures, send emojis, send GIFs, create groups and servers, etc. This app is mainly aimed at people that want to play games without slow internet connection while talking to friends or texting them. It's like a lite version of Skype and TeamSpeak.

Storyboard Text

  • I know it's almost bed time, but firstly i must check Discord...
  • Stranger 1:Ok, bye loser.
  • Friend 1:Alright, good night!
  • You:Hey guys, i am going to sleep. Good night!
  • Stranger 1 and 2 disconnected from this chat.
  • Stranger 2:Heh, see ya later, you weirdo.
  • Friend 1:What is wrong with you two? Leave him alone!
  • Stranger 1:Urgh, whatever. I'm out.
  • Always remember that you can only talk to people that you trust and know, not strangers and cyber bullies.
  • Those guys are mean. I am less worried now since they left.
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