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Updated: 12/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Alone
  • I must warn the British of the planned American attack!
  • Elizabeth Joins
  • We must go across the countryside and forests as to not attract any attention
  • Ok, I will come with you
  • Dangerous Mission
  • How much longer? I don't know if I will make it.
  • The pan camera movement starts off the scene, capturing the location and our main character and heroine, Laura Secord. We can see Laura walking with a worried expression, which is shown by a reaction shot. Animals are crawling around her and every once in a while, Laura is startled by twigs breaking and owls hooting as well as her own footsteps as they echo throughout the forest. Internal sound comes from Laura's mind. There is lowkey lighting made by the large thick trees and backlighting on Laura gives us her attention.
  • Exhaustion
  • It's ok Elizabeth, thank you for coming this far. But I will make it my mission to not give up!
  • Next, Laura comes to her brother's house and there Elizabeth joins her. The push in effect shows Elizabeth coming out of her house. A shot/ reverse shot is used to show Laura and Elizabeth talking face to face. Elizabeth tells Laura that she would like to come with her and so Laura motions over for Elizabeth to come. We can hear both girls talking with diegetic sound, and non diegetic, adventurous music/ sound is later used as both girls leave the house and start their journey. As the sun is rising, diffused lighting is used as well as high contrast lighting because there are shadows.
  • Alone Again
  • Both girls set off on there mission. They are both hot, dirty, hungry, thirty and in pain after walking many miles. The spiral shot is used to show the determination on both girls. Then a jump cut is used to show time passing, we can see hoe first they are determined but later- after the jump cut, they are tired. Non diegetic sound is used and internal sound because of what Elizabeth is thinking. The scene is lit up by the hot sun causing top lighting on the characters but the trees add shadows causing high contrast lighting.
  • Pain, Hunger and Bravery
  • When will I get there...
  • Elizabeth is too exhausted and can't go on. Diegetic sound is used to show a conversation. Laura understands but is determined to keep going on her own. The reaction shot captures Elizabeth's feelings and non diegetic sound is displayed as sad, yet understanding music. The push- in- shot camera movement "pushes" into both girls faces to show emotion. Backlighting is used on the cartoon characters by the sun and the messiness on the girl's dresses show how far they have came and struggled.
  • I can't go on anymore Laura, I'm sorry.
  • Laura continues on her mission, once again alone. She is terrified and struggling to walk through a swamp. there are wild animals everywhere and we can see Laura's body language by a long shot. The spiral shot captures the scene and the panic on Laura's face. There is intense panicking music )nondiegetic sound). The growls and howls of the animals are onscreen sound. It is getting darker so the lighting is lowkey lighting.
  • By this point in the scene, Laura is hungry and in pain because she has been walking for many miles. There are more wild animals around because it is getting darker and there are creepy sounds (onscreen and offscreen) The push- in shot is used on the animals near and on Laura herself. At one point the point of view shot is used in the perspective of Laura. There is lowkey lighting again because it is almost completely dark. Top lighting on Laura from the moon to give a dramatic look.
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