The Hobbit Storyboard
Updated: 3/19/2021
The Hobbit Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hello old friend.
  • Hello Gandalf. What brings you this way?
  • I've come to call you on an adventure.
  • Well, I am not much of the adventurous type. Goodbye Gandalf.
  • One day later...
  • Who is that knocking on my door?
  • As Bilbo steps out of his hobbit hole on a beautiful morning with a pipe in his mouth, up walks a tall, old man who he doesn't quite remember knowing. The man introduces himself as Gandalf and call Bilbo by name. Bilbo then remembers this man to be Gandalf the wizard who he knew as a child.
  • Gandalf, Thorin, and the other 12 dwarves wait to let inside by Bilbo.
  • Gandalf states the reason for his arrival and request Bilbo to take part in an adventure along side him. Bilbo quickly dismisses the idea and tells Gandalf he is perfect staying in the shire.
  • Come with us on this journey to reclaim our home.
  • I am not an adventurer... But maybe I will.
  • It is the next day and Bilbo is resting in the comfort of his own home. All of a sudden he hears knocking on his door and is taken by surpise.
  • Hey wait for me!
  • Bilbo's Life Changing Journey Has Begun...
  • Let's go Bilbo! We must go take back our Homeland and slay the great dragon!
  • Outside Bilbo's hobbit hole 13 dwarves arrive at the home. Along with them, Gandalf returns.
  • Thorin the leader of Dwarves and heir to the thrown under the mountain explains to Bilbo his role as the group burglar. He tells Bilbo that they need him to retrieve the mountains gem for them. Bilbo thinks about his option.
  • As Gandalf and the Dwarves decide to set out on their journey, Bilbo decides he could use some adventure in his life and joins them. He is totally new to this style of living.