Ziyad story
Updated: 3/25/2021
Ziyad story

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  • Okay 👌
  • hhhhhhhh
  • Medusas and you go out
  • what do you want ?
  • hi Midas
  • hhh
  • Bird song
  • One day when Poseidon tell Medusa to get Midas to turn Zac to gold.but Midas say no but Medusa. she Midas to Poseidon and e say medusa go out. because I want to tell him something about Zac .
  • Poseidon he said i well give Avery thing but turn Zac to gold. Midas said yes sir I well turn him to gold ,Poseidon give him the money 💰. and he said tomorrow in the morning go to him and turn him to gold .
  • but how ?
  • Hi Midas
  • in the morning when Zac he want to go to the shop ,but Midas he is want to go with him. to turn him to gold but Zac he is think if anyone is walk with him.😱
  • Turn Zac to gold
  • when Zac is out of the city he is walking. but Midas is so so tired but he said is not for me is for the money. 💰 and Midas is laugh but when he listen to Midas laugh he have plan .
  • Zac is told Midas how did he now .when Zac he is he shop he is want to say to Poseidon hi. he is listening to him to turn Zac to gold
  • when he heard to turn him to gold he told he friend .in the morning to walk away and see if their anyone is behind me. and he friends said okay 👌 .