French Revolution
Updated: 12/18/2019
French Revolution
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • How are we going to fix the crisis?
  • We should raise taxes in the 2nd estate
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • If the king can't this we will
  • We won't leave until we create a new constitution
  • Storming of the bastille
  • Open the doors!
  • We need firearms!
  • In May of 1789, King louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General to address France's financial crisis. The Estates General was the national assembly with representatives of the Third estate. They decided to vote by order in the assembly. This was a move towards democracy because the king wasn't the final decision in the meeting
  • The March of versailles
  • The National Assembly makes a pledge to not disband until a constitution was written. The new Constitution started in 1791. This was a move towards democracy because the citizens took control and threatened the king if he wouldn't cooperate.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • You will obey us!
  • No rebels!
  • In July 14, 1789 The peasants created a mob that marched to the bastille, a prison that they wanted to take weapons from. The storming of the bastille symbolizes the start of revolution.
  • The Rise of Napolean
  • We will spread new law across Europe
  • I will conquer Europe and then the rest of the world!
  • In the March of Versailles, a group of women marched to demand that they get bread. The king agreed to provide them food from the king's stores and promised more in the future. this was a move towards democracy because it showed that they would demand what they wanted and not listen to the king.
  • We need food!
  • Where is the king?
  • Robespierre was a lawyer and the leader of the Jacobins, which was a radical political group. He used a guillotine to execute many people, Robespierre thought these executions would create fear in the minds of the public. In this time the First French Republic was established. This was not a move towards democracy because Robespierre wanted to show his power.
  • In 1804, Napoleon was declared Emperor, rewrote the law and spread the law as he conquered Europe. He was known for his Military success and his skill in commanding an army. Napoleon made a reform and centralized the government. This wasn't a move towards democracy because napoleon wanted world domination.
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