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Cause and effect
Updated: 9/21/2020
Cause and effect
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  • Good morning class! Today we have an animal expert, Ranger Jack to tell us about the oceans and ocean pollution.
  • Great job. Those are all great examples of ocean life. Do you know what else those animals all have in common? They live in coral reefs!
  • Hi kids! Can anyone tell me what kinds of animals live in the ocean?
  • Sharks, Fish, lobsters
  • Great question! coral reefs are ecosystems made up of coral and rock. There are about 2500 coral reefs in the ocean. One of which is the great barrier reef. An estimated 25% of all marine life is dependent on coral reefs. Even humans
  • Coral reef, what's that?
  • It is but we don't take very good care of them
  • Well, Coral reefs need clean water to survive, and humans use lots of things that harm the water. Things like bug killers on crops to littering impact the oceans. Toxins soak into the soil, and some even run off into the waters. Anytime you litter it can blow or float to the Ocean. Every day eight million pieces of plastic ends up in the ocean.
  • That's awesome!
  • Why not?
  • Right! That plastic ends up in the ocean and causes harm to the animals and their homes. Plastic can sometimes become wrapped around and animals, neck, nose, tail and fins. Sometimes the animal even eats it. This can fill up their stomachs and cause the animals to starve
  • Woah that's a lot!
  • That's horrible! I don't want the fishies to die!
  • Dont worry, you can be the one to save them! Save water, every time you brush your teeth or get a glass of water, be sure to turn the water off! Anytime you go on a picnic with your family, be sure to throw your trash in the garbage and always remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce your waste, Reuse things when you can, and recycle when you are finished! These are all ways you can save the oceans.
  • Save waterThrow away your trashReduce, Reuse, Recycle
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