Unknown Story
Updated: 6/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Columbus's first journey to the Americas was in August 1492. Funded by the Spanish government, he set sail with three ships in hope of finding a trade route to India.
  • Columbus traveled into the Caribbean and docked on the island of Hispaniola. He thought that he found a route to Asia since there were no past records of the Americas. This made him believe he landed in India instead of Hispaniola.
  • I found India!
  • From that trip, he returned to Europe with heaps of gold and spices, parrots, and some Native American captives. This success surprised the rulers of Spain and they agreed to pay for another trip back to the Americas
  • Columbus sails back to Hispaniola, but this time has a different goal in mind. He brought conquistadors to help him conquer the island.
  • Soldiers rode on horses and fired guns which scared the Native Americans since they have never seen such things before. The Taino were defeated and enslaved shortly after the display of power from the Europeans.
  • Conquer Hispaniola
  • The soldiers claimed the island for Spain and made the enslaved Taino to work for the Spanish. This made Spain the first to claim the Americas.
  • This is now Spain's land!