Quick Write prompt: Tuesday

Updated: 5/13/2020
Quick Write prompt: Tuesday

Storyboard Description

Social Studies Prompt: Which North American Region would like to visit? (Coastal Range, Appalachian Mountains, Interior Lowlands, Canadian Shield, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Basin and Range, or Coastal Range) Why would you choose this region? Make a comic strip, one cell or multiples, explain your reasoning.

Storyboard Text

  • This is representing the Coastal Plain. I would like to visit the Coastal Plain because in the Coastal Plain lies the state of Florida. I think that Florida is an amazing place, for I have been there before, and I probably want to live there when I grow up. Florida is also very warm, and I regularly love warm weather, so it would be a great vacation place. The ocean is also on the coast of Florida, perfect for swimming.
  • There is also a beautiful sunrise almost every morning and an amazing sunset most nights. It is also very fun to be by the ocean during a sunset.
  • At night, if you are by the ocean, you can feel a cold breeze, blowing past you from it. If you look down at the ocean, you can see all of the city lights reflected off of it. You can also see the stars reflect off of the ocean. If you were to look up at the night sky, you could see all of the stars.