Russian revolution
Updated: 12/19/2019
Russian revolution
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  • World War 1
  • February Revolution
  • Red Terror
  • In world War 1 the Russians where massacred by all sides apposing them, they where ill prepared. They didn't even have enough food for their civilian let alone their soldiers. The tsar also disbanded the Duma with 75 days of it being made.
  • Rasputin
  • Female industrial workers, angered over the food shortages, protested having to stand in linefor bread. They called on men at nearby factories to join them. Also the millarty men that where called to stop it joined them instead. Basically the peasants called more peasants and the military joined.
  • October Revolution
  • Lenin ordered his secret police to arrest and let them kill anyone that was a secret army of him. 300,000 met this fate of death.
  • War Communism
  • Rasputian was a 'holy man' he stopped a good amount of the tsar's child from suffering by telling him to get off the meds. After months people saw he was gaining leverage in the family so a few men killed him off they also called him 'lover of czarina Alexandra.'
  • Czar Nicholas II was removed from power. But events soon turned in the Bolsheviks' favor. By mid-August, the government's war offensive was going badly and shortages of food and other goods had become severe. "Land, Peace, and Bread” became their cry. ((Leader of Bolsheviks was named Lenin))
  • "Land, Peace and Bread."
  • Tsar gets the boot.
  • Lenin introduced war communism to russia. In the countryside, the peasants were forced to provide grain and other produce so that Russia's cities and the army could be fed. P.s. The workers and peasants had made an army shortened to "The Red army."
  • Communism forever!!!!
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