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Exothermic & Endotheric Reactions
Updated: 5/22/2020
Exothermic & Endotheric Reactions
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  • My mom's going to kill me!
  • OMG! I failed my exothermic and endothermic reaction test.
  • 50%
  • WHO ARE YOU!!!
  • 50%
  • I'm the spirit of chemistry and I will be teaching you the ways of exothermic and endothermic reactions.
  • How?
  • Close your eyes
  • 50%
  • An exothermic reaction gives off energy to its surroundings.
  • CORRECT! Another way to remember is that Exo= External
  • What here is the exothermic reaction?
  • The fire is giving off heat... So, maybe it's the fire.
  • CORRECT! Another way to remember is that Endo=Internal
  • An exothermic reaction takes in energy from its surroundings
  • What here is the endothermic reaction?
  • The snowman is melting which is taking in heat
  • !REMEMBER!Exothermic reactions start with more energy and end with less. Endothermic reactions start with less and end with more.
  • YES!!
  • 50%
  • Okay, next time pay attention in class!
  • Do you understand now?
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