Updated: 2/6/2021

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  • I need to go home I think a pathogen has entered my body. A pathogen (16) can be a virus, bacteria, or fungi!
  • Whats a pathogen (16). Oh well in that case its fine because your first line of defense(20)such as your skin(17) creates a waterproof barrier that prevents pathogens. Also your mucus membranes(1) produce sticky mucus which traps bacteria and other pathogens
  • Mom! I need to go to the doctors. A pathogen has entered into my body and it has reached my second line of defense(21) but my white blood cells(4) and phagocytes(8) are fighting together to protect my body.
  • Ok lets go but your T-cells(10) have found a antigen(7) in your lymphatic system(6) so we have to hurry.
  • The pathogen is in your immune system(3) where the leukocytes(5) which are one of the white blood cells(4) which also include lymphocytes(9) which are also part of the white blood cells(4) and the are fighting together.
  • Is it an infection(15)
  • Is there a vaccine(18) for this pathogen that has entered my body.
  • No, but its fine you will be fine in a week because your b-cells and t-cells will fight together which is your third line of defense(22). But you may experience stomach(19) pain.
  • Its good to see that its not a communicable diseases(14) because that is a host which is a growing pathogen. Anyways you may have a fever(13) but its fine because it reaches the pathogen faster so it can attack the pathogen. You can also take natural antibiotics(2) which are natural food that you can eat to help you get better.
  • Okay, Thank you for your help