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Updated: 12/19/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Genghis Khan was born a part of the Borjigin tribe around 1162 AD. His original name was Temujin after a Tartar chief his father had captured. He was believed to be a descendant of the fabled Khabul Khan.
  • Genghis Khan was taken to live with his future bride at nine years old. On the way back Genghis Khans father was invited to a meal with a enemy tribe where he was poisoned.
  • When Khan returned to his home tribe, they said Khan was too young to rule a village. Khan then killed his half brother to show he was tough enough for the job.
  • Genghis Khan and his men left and attack the tribe who had killed his father, the Tartars. This starting his journey as one of the most well know conquerors of the world.
  • All Genghis Khans armies had a well organized system of ox carts that carried military equipment, supplies, Shamans for spiritual guidance, and government officials.
  • Genghis Khan died. He ordered his men to bury him secretly and kill anyone who saw. It is said that they even put a river over his grave to hide him forever.
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