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origins of earth
Updated: 10/9/2020
origins of earth
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  • it all started with a super nova that blasted particles out in space
  • and because of the heat from the supernova it caused atoms to be packed with more protons and neutrons which created heavier elements like iron and uranium and gravity eventually pulled them together to create a solar nebula
  • and at the center of this solar nebula our sun took shape and all the dust and debris on the outside of actually became planetesimals because of a process called accretion which eventually formed into planets
  • and eventually the bombardment slowed down allowing the earth to cool and a crust to form
  • through this process the earth was formed because of all these impacts the Earth was very hot and was a big chunk of molten rock so the heavier elements sunk down in to the mantel
  • and as the earth cooled volcanic activity increased which put of steam which cooled the earth even more and created an atmosphere which reduced the bombardment even more
  • the core and mantle was able to keep the earths crust malleable which caused supercontinents and continence to be able to break apart and collide creating that earth we know today
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