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Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Groundwater is the natural resource that is hidden below our feet. The water percolates through the soil from run off of rain to fill in empty space known as aquafers.
  • Ground water is found underground in the cracks and spaces in between soil and rocks. There is also approximately 79.6 billion gallons of ground water here on Earth
  • Humans need groundwater because it supplies drinking water for 51% of the U.S population and helps with irrigating and nourishing our crops
  • The volume of groundwater is decreasing in many areas of the United States, this is due to the excessive groundwater pumping which is also drying up wells
  • But there still is a way to save our groundwater. By using fewer chemical s around your home and yard,, or by installing water conserving appliances. Its the little things that count, which all start with YOU