Science rock formations
Updated: 2/4/2021
Science rock formations

Storyboard Text

  • We will try son.
  • Mom and dad, help me please!
  • Don't leave us Igneous!
  • Hello. I am the sun, an energy source for weathering. The wind also helps break down rocks.
  • Nooooooo!
  • I must've gotten eroded away. Why am I so small?
  • Excuse me fellow sediments, how long will I be here?
  • Only a couple thousand years!
  • I am an igneous rock that is next to a couple of mountains. I am separated from my family when I fell into the river. Now I'm on the other side of it.
  • This is very uncomfortable and sticky.
  • Ouch. Stop it. You are hurting me.
  • This is a very sticky situation. Get it?
  • Then suddenly, I didn't feel so good. It felt like I was getting broken apart. And I was right. I was getting weathered, and I was losing my family. I was flowing with the river.
  • Hello, I am sedimentary rock!
  • I realized now that I was turned into small pieces of sediment. I also must have gotten eroded to this desert. I later found out that this was the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • I learned so much about rocks in a couple of thousand years. But it was a painful process. Goodbye!
  • Around 2 thousand years later, all of the pieces of sediment got layered up on top of each other. Then we went through a process of compaction and cementation. This is a process where all of the layers of sediment gets glued together for thousands of years to turn into sedimentary rock.
  • After three thousand years, I am now a sedimentary rock. I feel very different. I am more crumbly and I am a different color. I used to be very hard, sharp, and grey.
  • I learned how one rock type can change into another rock type. I also learned how long each process takes. There is so much to look forward to in rocks.THE END