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comic book
Updated: 9/22/2020
comic book
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  • There once was man named Dawncliff, who could slay a dragon and kill monsters with his bare hands. He was a Demi-God, the son of a God and a Human. He went on a quest to fight monsters and save many people in the process.
  • Dawncliff was fighting a tiger who terrorized the village and the forest. The tiger was known as the death giver and whenever he attacked a village near the forest, the village would get wiped out
  • The tiger was leaping every where to dodge Dawncliff but when Dawcliff had caught up to the tiger, he grabbed the tiger by its tail and started slapping him in the ground with his Demi-Human strength. Dawncliff ended the the forest terror. The tiger had blood all over its body and had its fur turned from orange to a dark red color
  • you were fierce enemy but for I have a strength which can rival that of a 5 elephant
  • Dawncliff brought the corpse to, Peace side, the village that had originally asked help of him. The village chef thanked him and they had a fest in the village where everyone was gathered to get some of the tiger meat. Dawncliff started talking to his new friend called Bron.
  • Dawncliff, I heard a empire that is north of this village and beyond the mountain is being tormented by the a dragon. The king is saying that if anyone can kill the Dragon then he will give his daughter in marriage.
  • Seems like they need help so I will go beyond the mountain and help the empire while I show the world my strength.
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