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Updated: 3/12/2020
Brooks stporyboard
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  • I have brought 300 families over. Consider me a leader.
  • Bring families here to mexico and we will give you land. But, they have to be citizens of Mexico.
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  • We're not following your stupid rules!
  • You must listen to us!
  • If you dont we will close our borders to where no one can enter!
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  • Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821. Mexico offered land to people who would bring families there as citizens of mexico. Stephen F. Austin brought 300 families with him and his success made him a leader.
  • the alamo
  • Americans outnumbered Tejanos and tensions rised between Mexico and Americans because Americans refused to follow Mexico rules. In 1830 Mexico issued a decree closing its borders to further immagration.
  • remember the alamo
  • Mexican general Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna took an army into Texas to punish the rebels. Texans captured the city of San Antonio from a large Mexican force and made Santa Anna mad. His army reached San Antonio on late February 1836. There it found a small Texan force barricaded inside a mission building called the Alamo.
  • lone star republic
  • For 13 long days and multiple attacks, the defenders of the Alamo kept Santa Anna's army at bay with rifle fire. A Mexican cannon smashed through the Alamo's walls on march 6, 1836. the Mexican army was too large to hold back. They entered, killing all defenders. The Alamo defenders had been defeated but gave Texans time to gather troop sand supplies. They provided the Texans with the rallying cry, "Remember the Alamo!"
  • Texan leaders met at the town of Washington-on-the-brazos during the siege of the alamo woth a number of tejanos that were also against the Mexican rule. On march 3, 1836-4 days before the fall of the Alamo-they declared independence from mexico and established the republic of Texas. Commander in chief Sam Houston gathered an army of 900 near the site of present day Houston. They launched a surprise attack killing more than 600 and capturing 700 more. On may 14, 1836, Santa Anna signed a treaty that recognoized the independence of texas.
  • On september 1836, sam houston bvecame president. Houston sent a delegation to washingotn D.C. to ask the united states to take control of Texas Andrew Jackson said no, saying the addition to another slave state would upset the balance of slave and free states in congress. President Martin Van Buren didn't want to risk war with mexico so he put off the annex of Texas. John Tyler who became president in 1841 supported Texas annexation. The situation change with the 1844 presidential campaign. Texas joined the union in 1845 after Polk won thje campaign
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