the summative assesmant
Updated: 12/19/2020
the summative assesmant

Storyboard Text

  • Hydra wanted to go check the Underworld and he loved it.
  • The underworld
  • WOW!!
  • Hi welcome to the Underworld
  • Hydra started to kill people and Zeus saw him and got mad and had an idea in mind.
  • The underworld
  • STOP
  • So Zeus got a person from the underworld to help him and they chopped of Hydras head.
  • Ready 123 GO!
  • Chop his head off NOW!
  • Then Zeus got the idea of chopping Hydra legs
  • Yay
  • Zeus and the people from the underworld to chop off legs
  • Chop it off
  • Then Zeus and the person from the underworld was happy
  • The underworld
  • Yay we did it
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