"Half-Hanged Mary"

Updated: 10/6/2021
"Half-Hanged Mary"

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you for curing her!
  • "You were my friend too. I cured your baby, Mrs."
  • "I can see down into their eye holes and nostrils. I can see their fear."
  • Give up the pain. Let go.
  • I dare not help her.
  • How is she alive?!
  • Before, I was not a witch. Now I am one.
  • I heard she was a witch.
  • I heard too, she was in the woods the other day.
  • "Rumor was loose in the air hunting for some neck to land on."
  • "Surprise, surprise. I was still alive."
  • How are you still alive?!How are you still alive?!
  • "My audience is god, because who the hell else could understand me?"
  • Surprise, Surprise: I was still alive.