Civil war Project.
Updated: 2/25/2021
Civil war Project.

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction 
  • Hi, my name is Jake Wyman.
  • The cause of the civil war
  • The cause of the civil war was slavery!
  • The start of the civil war
  • The civil wars' first battle or bombardment was at Fort Sumter
  • Today, I will be talking about the significance of the civil war. This presentation will cover the following. War efforts, events leading up to the civil war and the start of it.
  • Union War Efforts
  • The start of the civil war was because of slavery. This is because the Norths non stop picking at the south to end slavery. The south's whole economy runs on slavery.
  • Confederate War Efforts
  • The first shot of the civil war opened up at Fort Sumter. This led to a 34 hour bombardment between Northern and Southern troops. The confederacy won this battle.
  • Legacy of the war
  • Winner!
  • One of the Union's biggest influences of the war was the capture of New Orleans. The Union captured a top 3 port in the U.S. whom which was owned by confederates and they did this in a blockade of ships. All the confederacy's ships and profit came out of New Orleans.
  • Shortly after being defeated in New Orleans, Confederate soldiers burned down a lot of the crops and goods. This is because of the Union being able to sell them. They did this while they were retreating.
  • Burn it all! Don't let them get any goods off of us!
  • This war will forever be remembered as the most bloodiest and highest causing casualty war in U.S. history. This war helped bring back the union together. As you can see, this war helped shaped America, today.