The Hind of Ceryneia Diana's Pet Deer
Updated: 2/17/2021
The Hind of Ceryneia Diana's Pet Deer

Storyboard Text

  • Artemis/ Diana has a beautiful pet deer with golden antlers
  • Hello my beautiful!
  • Hercules has been tasked from Eurystheus to catch the famous deer
  • Im going to catch you!
  • Hercules hunts the deer for over a year, finally catching it on Mt. Arthemius. He shoots it with an arrow to prevent it from escaping
  • I got you now!
  • Artemis is infuriated that Hercules shot her deer, and nearly took it back.
  • How dare you shoot my deer!
  • Its not my fault. A guy told me to do it!
  • After hearing Hercules' explanation, she heals her deer and lets him go present it
  • Well in that case its fine*heals deer*
  • Hercules presents Diana's deer, alive, to Eurytheus
  • Impossible!