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EDUC 422 5 Themes of Geography
Updated: 10/31/2019
EDUC 422 5 Themes of Geography
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  • With Olivia and Chette
  • 5 Themes of Geography Sara Plowman EDUC 422 Fall 2019
  • You said you needed a tutor?
  • Yep I need to learn the 5 themes of Geography
  • Exactly....
  • You see Chette the first theme of Geography is Movement. Movement is....
  • Movement refers to how goods, people, and ideas move around the world. It deals with immigration, emigration, and distribution.
  • an area or division, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries.
  • Okay, before I tell you about the place, tell me why you needed me to tutor you if you know all the answers?
  • Next is Regions, any guesses?
  • Once again correct.....
  • How humans depend, adapt to or modify the environment depending on their needs
  • So wise guy, what is Human Environment Interaction?
  • Really??!!???!? What does he need me for?
  • Location is.....
  • Location is how we recognize and express where things are
  • And the different kinds of location?
  • Absolute and Relative
  • @%%^@*(
  • Place is the physical and Human characteristics that make a location or region unique
  • Ugh, you're right, and a bit of a show off...
  • Then what is place?
  • I wanted to make sure I was right
  • I'm aware :D
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