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Korean war perspectives
Updated: 5/20/2020
Korean war perspectives
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  • Hi, the following comic strip will show the perspectives of the Korean war from both the North Koreans and south Koreans.Enjoy
  • Hi, im Syngman Rhee, leader of South Korea
  • And im Kim Il-Sung, leader of North Korea
  • Although our country did not want the 38th parrallel border to be permanent we still respected it and did not want to provoke war as we are a peaceful society
  • Although we both did not want the 38th parallel to be permanent our great country was always going to be the ones to start the war
  • When the North Koreans entered our territory and took our capital for their own we were infuriated as we thought they had at least some respect for us
  • we moved in with our great troops and easily took the capital for ourselves, this was no surprise as our soldiers were top notch.
  • With our troops being pushed back to pusan we waited in hope for backup and wished us two countries could live in harmony.
  • Our troops were about to raid Pusan but of course puny South Korea called for help and soon we had been pushed back to the 38th parallel but this meant nothing as we would strike back with double force with China on our side.
  • After China arrived to help North Korea the war went back and forth, and at last after 3 long years of fighting an armistice was signed at the 38th parallel once again stating that it would be the border. The South Koreans celebrate this day by partying in the streets and praying that it will not happen again. However the North Korean thought this was a victory for them (it wasn't) and they celebrate by having army marches that show off just how powerful they are.
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