end term pro
Updated: 1/28/2021
end term pro

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  • I scored less in my mock test again!! but I know it was due to the fact that I'm not able to study because I spend way too much time on social media!!
  • maybe I will give these a try... but I don't want to leave my social life!!
  • let's see if I can find something here..OH NO!! all these just suggest that I should just leave social media!!
  • It took me four hours to just get back to my phone .. This is not going to work..
  • Maybe I should just start timing myself and start cutting back where I can..
  • Oh.. my marks have improved and I spend much less time on social media.. But, the progress is too slow..
  • i wonder if I'll be able to score much more till my test..
  • I was able to cut back severely but the marks aren't enough to get a solid admission in a medical college!!