Unknown Story
Updated: 4/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The mechanicals are rehearsing the play in the forest. They think of problems with the play, and Nick comes up with humorous ideas to solve them.
  • You thief of love!
  • Stop mocking me, you little...
  • Puck watches the rehearsal and decides to play a prank on Nick Bottom. He turns Nick's head into a donkey's, and when Nick goes to perform his part, he is confused why the other mechanicals are running from him.
  • Put the antidote into Lysander's eye.
  • ZZZ...
  • To try to bring the other mechanicals back, Nick sings and wakes up Titania, who falls in love with him at first sight and instructs her servants to tend him.
  • Helena and Hermia have a big fight because Helena feels mocked by the other three and Hermia is furious at Helena for stealing her love.
  • LITTLE!!! Do you think I'm so little and low when I claw your eyes out?
  • Oberon orders Puck to lure the Athenians to sleep, and gives him the antidote for the love-in-idleness flower. Puck puts the antidote's sap into Lysander's eye.
  • Hermia arrives and doesn't understand why Lysander says he doesn't love her anymore; she is shocked when he harshly tells her that he never loved her, but loves Helena.