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The Election of 1824
Updated: 2/22/2019
The Election of 1824
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  • Thanks to Clay, I'm in office😉
  • John Quincy Adams did not receive the popular vote or the electoral vote. Since no one had the majority, the house had to choose the President. Adams had a private chat with Clay, and he suspiciously was chosen by the House of Representatives to be the President.
  • John Quincy Adams
  • He was the Secretary of State from 1817 to 1824
  • He was the sixth U.S President
  • He convinced Spain to cede Florida to the U.S
  • He was the son of John Adams
  • Henry Clay was eliminated from the election because he had the least amount of each vote. Although he was eliminated, he was still the Speaker of the House, and he helped out in getting Adams to become president. Clay worked with Adams secretly and then Clay told the House who they should vote for. That is why this is considered a corrupt bargain. 
  • He was from the West region
  • He lived in Kentucky
  • He was the Speaker of the House at the time 
  • Henry Clay
  • I may have helped Adams get into office 😏
  • Andrew Jackson received the popular and electoral vote, but still he lost. The people of our country were mad, because they felt that they were not apart of the decision to choose our leader. Some say that Jackson was cheated out of the election.
  • He was a war hero, and was a part of the Florida acqusition
  • He was apart of the Southwest region of the U.S
  • Although he lost, he became President in 1829
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Even though I got popular vote and the electoral vote, I STILL lost😤
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