Julius Caesar Act I Scene I
Updated: 2/12/2021
Julius Caesar Act I Scene I

Storyboard Text

  • You there! What are you doing in the streets? What is your occupation?
  • I am a carpenter sir.
  • Where are your tools? Why are you dressed so nice? And you sir, what is your job?
  • I am but a mere cobbler sir.
  • But what is your trade I ask you!?
  • That is my trade sir, I fix shoes.
  • What trade you insolent rascal!? What trade!?
  • Sir, please don't be angry, but if your soles are worn out I can fix you.
  • Why aren't you men in your shops today?
  • We took the day off to celebrate Caesar and his triumph.
  • Go off Murellus and make sure none of the statues are decorated for Caesar
  • Why would you celebrate him? Have you not heard of Pompey and the things he has done for us? Leave this place and pray that you be forgiven